Important Notice


I’m Shinya.
We apologize for the inconvenience to customers who have difficulty making reservations before Chinese New Year.

And we are very grateful to all the staff for visiting us.

By the way,

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I’m glad that the number of people who come to the store by looking at blogs and Instagram has increased recently.

Introducing the Straightening style.

Long style

Medium style

Bob style

important notice.

From February 12th to 24th

We will change the business hours of the store.

Open 9: 30am ~ 7: 00pm close.

Cut last appointment at 6:00 pm

Cut color, cut perm last appointment at 5:00 pm

Cut rebonding, cut digital perm last appointment at 4:00 pm

We will be open during the above business

hours, so we appreciate your understanding.
Also, the availability of each stylist
Is it a web reservation page?

Please call us.



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Hello! I’m Shinya, the shop manager I always suggest easy DIY hairstyle so that my customers are able to be their own hairstylist at home! I specialized in digital perming and hair straightening! Do make an appointment and visit me soon!

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