In hot Singapore.It can be used properly⁈ How to use the dryer.


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 This time it’s not about straightening.

 It is very important to keep your beautiful.

 How to use the dryer

 In hot Singapore.It can be used properly⁈ How to use the dryer.

 I know that

You may hear such a voice,

There are many things you do not know unexpectedly

 1. Dry your hair immediately.

 Wet hair is very delicate.

 Simply put, the cuticle on the surface of the hair is open.

 The cuticle has the role of protecting the hair from the outside.

 When the cuticle opens, it is vulnerable to external damage.

 That leads to damage.

 Leaving wet hair can also lead to bacterial growth.

 Applying oil or hair cream before drying will make it feel great.

 2. When drying, from the root

 What everyone tends to do is to dry the ends of the hair first.

 This takes extra time to dry and is overdried, so-called overdried and dry.

 So, let’s dry it from the root with the image of blowing the wind on the skin.  Twice

 When the roots are dry to some extent, the hair ends from the middle.

 3. Let’s dry from back to front.

 This is a little trick to make your hairstyle look beautiful.

 Bend your neck down and let the collarbone dry with the image of a hair dryer.

 Please try after the whole root is dry.

 The finish will change dramatically, so please give it a try.

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