Introducing new colour brand!

Introducing MILBON, a new colour product we are excited to showcase!

We have certainly worked with many brands and unlike most Japanese beauty brands, Milbon, is constantly enthusiastic in studying and researching their products so as to deliver satisfying results to consumers. The brand’s solid global presence is one reason why we strongly recommend according to each individual’s needs and accustom to their hair condition!

There are 2 types of hair colour products such as fashion colours and concealing grey or white hair range.

Addicthy ( fashion colour for ash colour )

More often than not, fashion colours are not easily achievable and requires intense bleaching that causes the scalp to be irritated and in some cases, damage the follicles.

However, with Milbon, Ash colour categories are able to achieve excellent results!

Crystal Colour ( hair colour for early grey hair stage )

We have customers in their early 30’s or 40’s, started experiencing hair turning grey/white and this can be quite stressful if image is your priority.

Most customers prefer towards a natural coverage for grey/white hair and Milbon, definitely live up to their name!

Why is Milbon different from other brands?

Ingredients found in Milbon are called “Botanical Colour” ( plant based extracts) which does not irritates the scalp like other brands do. We often get feedbacks from customers that their scalp do not feel irritated during the colouring process. Furthermore, the end result also leave you a smoother hair texture.

Everyone’s hair is unique, so is everyone’s beauty. Together with Milbon, our purpose is to help every individual find, embrace and express themselves confidently and gracefully.

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