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This time, try Madame Lights!

Madame Lights is… highlights that are put in to blend in with the grey hair. If you bleach the highlights to about 17-18 levels and then on-colour them, they will blend in with the grey hair that has grown out and will be less noticeable.

Gray hair, Natura Design! Let’s have fun with fashion! This is a colour technique that is called “Natura Design”.

There may be a lot of grey hair around the face, create fine highlights.

However, many people are a little reluctant to lighten their hair to 18 levels… so it’s best to grow it out gradually.

If your current colour is very dark or you have repeatedly used home colour, you may need to be a little more prepared.

Depending on the condition and history of your hair, the finish may be limited.

If you are considering a colour change, please contact us for a consultation.

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