What is a Mermaid Gradient Color?

How’s everyone today?

Last time we talked about balayage color.

This time, we introduce colorful and beautiful mermaid colors using various colors. I will explain it clearly using videos and images.

This image is the base color that is important for mermaid color. Apply bleach delicately from the middle to the tip of the hair so that the border is not visible.

Then, when the base is completed, apply the mermaid color. The reason why it is called a mermaid color is because it looks like the tail of a mermaid princess with colors of blue, green, yellow and purple. (I don’t know if this commentary is true, but I think so.)

And in this aluminum foil, 3.4 different colors that I personally imagined are arranged with a unique calculation method.

After a long time, shampoo and dry. When shampooing, wash delicately so that colors are not mixed.

Here is the finished image! !

This hairstyle is colorful, not very flashy and very delicate. By the way, if the mermaid color is reddish, it will have a high impact color.

What is your impression?

If you are worried about using such a gradation color, please do counseling with me first. I will suggest a color gradation that you recommend and suits you better.

Hope you learnt something today!

Till then, I’ll see you in my next article!

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