miscellaneous note for hair③

Hello, this is Meiko.

Continuing on from the previous time, I would like to tell you about the trivia of hair.

This time「Does the heat in the hair dryer damage your hair?」

One of the most frequently asked questions in the past.

Certainly, it’s not a good idea to heat your hair more than necessary.

However, it is more damaging for hair to leave it wet.

Wet hair is very delicate because the surface cuticles are open.

The cuticle is the part that covers the surface of the hair.

It protects the inside of the hair from external stimuli and works to prevent loss of protein and moisture, while at the same time shining the hair.

It overlaps in the shape of a scale from the root toward the hair tip, suppressing the outflow inside.

If you leave it wet, the cuticle will peel off from the hair due to friction with the hairs, the clothes you are wearing, and the pillow fabric, etc., and the hair will become drier.

If you apply the wind of the dryer along the direction of the cuticle, the gloss will come out and the packing will improve.

In addition, the scalp covered with wet hair tends to be an environment where germs can easily propagate.

I think it is important to dry the scalp as well as the hair, as it can cause dandruff, excess oil, and smell.

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