miscellaneous note for grey hair

Hello, this is Meiko.

Continuing on from the previous time, I would like to tell you about the trivia of hair.

It is “the opinion that the place where white hair grows is itchy” this time.

Do you sometimes hear it?
I tell that I understand that white hair grows because it is itchy.

At first, I thought whether bacteria enter when I pulled white hair when I heard the story, and it is accompanied by an itch, but of course in such a case there is it …, but the getting up this phenomenon is bigger than quality of original hair, and firm white hair is more likely to grow when I exclude … it.

Because white hair growing growing from a pore is bigger than original hair quality well, a pore spreads and, as a result, is connected in an itch from a sense of incongruity.

Of course all may not be so, but it is reliable white hair, or the which always says that the same place becomes itchy that a scalp is itchy in pinpoint may grow from the place

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