miscellaneous note for hair②

Hello, this is Meiko.

Continuing on from the previous time, I would like to tell you about the trivia of hair.

This time「remove gray hair, it will increase further?」

With regard to this, if you say the conclusion first, whether to remove gray hair or not will not change the number.

White hair is hair that has not been able to produce melanin pigment due to rest or deletion of melanocytes (pigment forming cells) that produce the color of the hair.

Pause-> I’m just not working temporarily, so I might resume my activity again (if you have young hair or sudden increase in short time, this is a great possibility)

Deletion → State in which melanin generation function is impaired (most of gray hair due to aging may be here)
In either state, it seems that there is almost no increase in gray hair directly because it is removed.

Even if you pull out gray hair, gray hair grows.
I often hear why it stands out for some reason.

When examined, the damage to the pores and hair roots by pulling out seems to be a problem.
It may lead to skin & hair root problems such as buried hair and inflammation, and in the worst case, hair may not grow.

Therefore, it is not recommended to remove as a treatment for gray hair that grows in a prominent position.
If you really care about it, cutting from the root to avoid straining the hair roots and pores may be a quick response that changes to “pull out”.

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