More hygiene as a hair salon 【Chairman interview】

After Circuit Breaker, restrictions on places and actions have been lifted gradually.

We also provide colouring and perming services again.

So, hygiene is getting more important these days.

Our boss, Naoki Yoshihara, the chairman of the biggest hair salon company in Japan, said about it in interview.

There are two aspects in the beauty salon trade and been left unseen or uneducated; the creative side of fashion and technology and the public health hygiene highly practiced in Japan.

Hair is often in contact with hands and bacterial or virus are attached to it. Shampooing our hair regularly helps in washing away dirt we come in contact with. The cosmetologist is a national qualification where it changes the way beauty salon work.

Nurses are fighting against the Coronavirus and are socially praised. If medical care if the first phase, beauty salons are second because it is also an essential in our daily living. There is an obligation to provide our customers with the comfort of having clean and hygienic hair and an opportunity to improve and share knowledge on clean grooming.

We want to create “The New Normal” awareness to the society and to raise social status of a hair salon as “the first place to go”.

ヘアサロンの在り方が変わる 「アッシュ」吉原会長が提言「美容室は医療関連に次ぐ“第2フェーズ”である自覚を持つべき」

We’re also striving for good hygienic environment for our customers.

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