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Hi.I’m Aya, a Japanese hairdresser at Naoki hairdressing, a hair salon in the Orchard and Somerset areas of Singapore.

Thank you for visiting my blog.

This time, I would like to introduce a style that added highlights to short hair.

Her hair is thick and thick, and even her gray hair has a dark base color. Her style ended up looking static.

Adding highlights added shadows and brightened the image, adding movement and softness.

I think even people who don’t want to make big changes can easily take on this highlight.

I would be happy if you could use it as a reference.

see you~

Author Aya

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Hi I’m Aya. I have been working as a hairdresser for 17 years. Using my experience of styling many peoples hair in Japan, I can suggest you suitable hairstyle with all my heart.

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