New item to enhance the treatment effect

Hello ~I’m Aya. Thank you for visiting us.
I would like to introduce the newly introduced item.

 Are you worried that treatments at the salon are not very effective or do not seem to last very long?  Treatments usually last for about two weeksin terms of texture.  Therefore, we have prepared a home care kit and introduce products that can keep the treatment effect for a long time! 


NAOKI has also introduced items that will further enhance the durability and effectiveness of the treatment!  

 Here it is! 

At first glance it looks like an iron, but it’s not meant to heat up and straighten.
 This is Care-pro, an item that allows the treatment to penetrate deeper and more evenly with the effects of ultrasonic waves and infrared rays!  
 This one-through is said to have the effect of giving a hairdresser’s cuticle massage about 10,000 times! Ultrasound makes the treatment finer and easier to penetrate through the cuticles into the interior of the hair. 

Then, the essential light (infrared rays) warms the inside of the hair and repairs it firmly.

 If you do the treatment with much effort, it is better to get a higher effect more efficiently! Since care-pro can be used for any treatment, Naoki uses it for all treatment processes!

 It is a new item that will further enhance the effect even with the same treatment as before! Everyone, please try it ♪

Author Aya

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