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 My name is Shinya.

Recently the haze is really bad isn’t it? I have been checking the haze index and it really is at an unhealthy level. Do remember to hydrate yourself with plenty of water!

 We have brought in new products and I highly recommend and like to share with you!


 Cleansing Spa Shampoo SUMI

A daily care that takes minutes to achieve.

For women with busy schedule. Perfect isn’t it?

 The features of such products are and as the name suggests:


 1. Cleanses the scalp with absorption characteristics of charcoal.

 2. Mild acidic formulation neutralizes the alkali on colored hair and scalp.

 3.Long lasting high dense carbonated foam.

 Carbon dioxide,carbonate concentration 6000ppm (^^)

 This is pretty good because I have personally tried it!

 Excellent touch even with shampoo alone!

 Refreshing and cleansed scalp!

This shampoo is recommended because in Singapore the pores are easily clogged!

Try it yourself to see the results!

Author Shinya

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Hello! I’m Shinya, the shop manager I always suggest easy DIY hairstyle so that my customers are able to be their own hairstylist at home! I specialized in digital perming and hair straightening! Do make an appointment and visit me soon!

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