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Hello, this is Meiko.

Products, hairstyles, daily care, hair troubles, etc … I think that other staff has written it, so I would like to tell you the trivia of hair (or scalp).

“Wakame (seaweed) is a good food for hair”.

Japanese commercials and magazines have been praised for a while, but seaweed is good and nurtures beautiful black hair …

Although it has been the mainstream to say that the theory is also a lie for several years, it seems that it is imprinted in consciousness … After all, there are many Japanese who have a composition that is good for wakame = hair Isn’t it?

Since when has such a popular theory flown in the first place?

Thanks to the convenient world, I looked it up on the Internet, and it was a long story because it was handed down from the Edo period to the end of the period.

The search was rounded up until the article around 2005 because there was no sharpness, but it seems to be a consensus to summarize the various information, seaweed → not direct, but good for hair.

The reason is the smooth blood effect of seaweeds!
Iodine in seaweed → Increases metabolism & alginic acid, a slime component → Prevents sudden increase in blood glucose level and lowers cholesterol level…

It is blood that feeds the hair.

There is no reason to live a regular and healthy life, but if you can improve the way and quality of hair nutrition even a little by eating seaweed, there is no loss to eat actively.

By the way, Wakame, a food familiar to Japanese people, seems to continue being chosen as the worst 100 invasive alien species in the world.

I think it would be good to eat if it grows up a lot, but it seems that food and food that I like to eat are mainly Japanese and Korean and are not familiar to other foreign countries.

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