Recommended color “beige”

I’m Aya, a hair stylist in the Somerset area of ​​Singapore Orchard.

 How are you guys doing ~?

 As I wrote before, many customers have changed their hairstyles these days, and they are enjoying the highlights and inner colors.

 So I would like to introduce the colors that have been reheated recently (in me).

 It’s beige!

 It fits well on the skin and gives a beautiful color in high tones.  It gives a soft texture even in dark tones.

 It has a gentle color, so it has the power to heal people.

 And above all, it goes well with white hair, so if you add a beige color to the highlights that blend in with the white hair, it will be less noticeable that it has grown further.

 Even in beige, it is very beautiful when mixed with violet or mixed with ash or pink.

 Please try it ~

 see you!

Author Aya

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Hi I’m Aya. I have been working as a hairdresser for 17 years. Using my experience of styling many peoples hair in Japan, I can suggest you suitable hairstyle with all my heart.

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