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 I’m Aya, a hairdresser.

 How are you all doing?

 By taking measures against corona, you may be careful and feel stressed every day without change.

 I want to change my mood!  I think that the number of people who want to change their hairstyle is increasing.

 But I don’t have the courage to cut it off … I don’t want to be able to tie it!  To be honest, it’s difficult to make a big change …  In such a case, we recommend changing your mood with color.

 Highlights on the face and neck

 Since Singapore is hot every day, I think that I often tie my hair, but if I add highlights to eliminate the feeling of being squeezed, it will add a three-dimensional effect and make it cute.

 It does a good job of blending gray hair around the face.

 I think it’s easy for people who are trying to highlight for the first time.

 What do you think?

 It may be fun to add it to your usual color ♪

 Please try it!

 see you~

Author Aya

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Hi I’m Aya. I have been working as a hairdresser for 17 years. Using my experience of styling many peoples hair in Japan, I can suggest you suitable hairstyle with all my heart.

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