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Today I like to talk about our signature scalp treatment which is OWAY,a 100% BIODYNAMIC ingredient product from Italy.

Let’s begin with the Sensitive skin range first :-

Sensitive scalp is often subject to itching, discomfort and irritation. To restore balance it is necessary to cleanse and treat it with products of maximum delicacy that offer relief and immediate wellness while they act to eliminate the inflammation, restoring skin to a state of comfort and relax. 

The SOOTHING line uses ultra-delicate cleansing agents: the cleansing phase is carried out with our surfactant-based non-ethoxylated product that purifies gently without irritating the skin. It is joined with refreshing and slightly balsamic extracts, which give immediate relief, and a powerful anti-inflammatory action, Zanthoxylum soothing and anti-irritating, increases the skin’s natural defenses.


Uses apothecary style in salon and at home remedies to heal and relieve red and sensitive scalps.

  • Soothing Hair Bath cleanses and calms scalps prone to redness with biodynamic chamomile and fennel seed essential oil.
  • Zanthohylum Soothing Gel is an ancient Chinese herb known for its healing and calming properties.
  • Pure Biodynamic Helichrysum is known for its anti-inflammatory benefits and soothes sensitive scalps.
  • Soothing Remedy is a concentrated spot treatment with aloe vera and amaranth that protects sensitive scalps.

So this is a very good and organic product that suits those with sensitive and itchy scalp.

Do make an appointment with me to helps u out on your scalp issues. 

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