Shichi-go-san】In Japan there are lots of event in each season. A  typical event in November is 【Shichi-go-san】Shichi-go-san (standing for ages of seven, five and three) is a traditional ceremony celebrating the growth of children and wishing for their continuous good health and happiness. The official date is 15th November but recently celebrating in accordance with the family’s schedule on a holiday in November is also common.

Meaning.【Three years old】for boys and girls. Quit shaving and start growing the hair.
【Five years old】for only boys. Start wearing Hakama. It’s a traditional Japanese costume for Men.
【Seven years old】for only girls. Start using the kimono belt as an adult.

Chitose means one-thousand years, and this traditional candy signies a long life for the child. When visiting the shrine for “Shichi-go-san” you may receive a red and white stick shaped candy.

This is traditional Japanese culture. When you visit Japan in November, you may also be able to see.

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