Shower head


This is Shinya.

Do you have this experience?

When you go home from the hair salon, your hair is smooth and your scalp is clean!

Have you ever felt like this?

I will introduce one of them today.

Special shower head use in our shop!

Actually, this is really excellent.

ReFa FINE BUBBLE for professionals

To ensure that water does not become an irritant to your skin and hair, ReFa has designed a shower head with Japanese Fine Bubble technology.

Much smaller than the normal bubbles we all see on a regular basis. Fine Bubbles have a special cleansing capability.

•Fine bubble

From the name, it feels like a very small bubble!

How amazing this is.

Look at this picture 

Ultra-fine bubbles clean the scalp.

Very nice shower head.

It’s not only that.

Because we choose the shampoo that suits your hair and your scalp.

Author Shinya

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