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Combination of Bigami, Short Hair

Hi,is Kenji here again.

 This time we will make NAOKI’s original BIGAMI treatment a short hair customer.

 Actually, even for short hair customers, it is very easy to maintain after this treatment.

 There is also slogan,  🙂

 If you have short hair, it will feel easy going and your hair will be better to managed also  👍

 So, let ’s begin with BIGAMI treatment!

 The progress is as below :- 

 Processing and time will be adjusted according to the hair condition.

This time, even without using a brush, you can easily set it with just a dryer.

 First, apply the formulated treatment.

I ’ll leave it for 20 minutes this time.

 After that, rinse and iron after drying.

 The time I finish 140-160 degree iron.

 The finish looks like this 👍

Even short styles are difficult to care due to puffiness and natural wave .

It seems to be able to improve various troubles, such as bad hair after waking up.

Usually our hair after 4-6 weeks,it will back to normal usual condition, so I will advise to get this treatment done every 4-8 weeks.

 Do try this treatment if it is difficult for you to take care especially short waving hair to Bob styles.

The time is roughly about 1 hr to 1 and a half hours

 Price is $200 excluding GST ​​for above  shoulder.

 We will help you make daily care easier.

 We will recommend a treatment that suits each customer.

 Come and try it and feel the difference on your hair .

Let’s get your hair done for this festival season.

combination of Bigami and rebonding hair


 Last time, I told you about the combination of BIGAMI treatment on bleach hair.

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 This time, we will tell you about the compatibility between NAOKI’s original BIGAMI treatment and hair rebonding, with a video.

 The model this time is rebonding hair with a highlight color.

 I will do BIGAMI treatment for this hair.

 ※Customize more than 30 treatments to suit your hair condition👌

 The first treatment is applied to the hair ends after shampooing.

Rinse after 3 minutes.

Next, apply treatment from the middle of the ends hair rebonding to the tip of the hair.

Since the hair is rebonding, be soft touch.

Wrap and wait for 15 to 20 minutes.

Next, spray mist evenly.

 The touch is getting better and better.

After that, drain and blow dry.

 This time I finish with a 120-degree iron.

The hair became shiny and firm.

I think that the BIGAMI effect will improve the length of rebonding hair 👍

I think that BIGAMI treatment is excellent for those who have rebonding  hair.

As an example,

 If you are regular hair straightener,

 A combination of rebonding the newroot hair at the root and applying BIGAMI treatment to the hair that has already been straightened.

 This is a very luxurious combination.

* Customize more than 30 treatments according to your hair condition.

 Adjust the temperature of the iron to make it feel better.

 We will help you make daily care easier.

Compatibility of Bigami and Bleach Hair

This is the last article.

This time, we will tell you about the compatibility between NAOKI’s signature BIGAMI treatment on bleach hair with a video.

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 This model will be re-bonded and we will treat the big damage to the bleaching.

 We will customize this treatments according to suit your hair condition.

First step

~ The treatment is applied from the middle of the damaged hair to the end of the hair.

Then leave it in this state for 20 to 30 minutes, then after that will use a mist treatment machine for a deeper penetration.

The penetration rate is said about 90%.

 Final step will be a blow dry and iron for a deep set of protein into cuticle.

Since the hair is bleached, the best temperature is around 110-130 degrees.

 So here’s how the final picture of this high damaged condition hair looks after this great Bigami treatment 💁‍♂️ 

I would like to recommend for BIGAMI treatment once again even 4-6 weeks after the first session.

The duration is roughly about 1 hr to 1 and a half hours.
Price is $230 excluding GST ​for below shoulder)

Even with highly damaged hair that has been bleached in this way, the finish will be greatly improved by formulating treatments according to your hair quality and condition.

This BIGAMI treatment works good on those who had bleached hair.
Do try it to have this good experience.

What is BIGAMI

What is BIGAMI❓

 Bigami Hair Treatment – for slightly frizzy, dry and coarse hair.

Bigami is a hair treatment that increases the volume while reducing damage to the hair .

 Keratin, the main ingredient that repairs damage and increases the strength of every single hair strand giving it firmness and more luscious tresses.

By using this natural treatment, it will be easy to maintain and style of hair is more manageable.

It can be effective even if it’s done once and it can be used in combination with any other treatments or hair care products.

For best results, Bigami treatment is recommended once every two months for ensuring healthy and shiny hair. It is an aesthetic treatment that will make your hair beautiful and healthy while at the same time improving hair quality by feeding nutrients to it. 

❶Bigami treatment is chemical-free.

❷Singapore is humid. This treatment is good for humidity.

❸Different from rebonding.

❹Your hair will be shiny, glossy, silky, healthy and easy to manage.

❺Bigami has a good reputation.

Which kind of hair is suitable for Bigami??

❶Those who want to keep their hair tidy and neat.

❷Those hair is highly damaging and dry or frizzy hair.

❸Those who want to improve the texture of their hair

❹Those customers that care about their hair condition and want to take care more the hair

❺Those who wanna grow their hair long

Come and try it and feel the difference on your hair!!

Let’s get your hair done for this festival season