Introducing various hair colour style!

Hi I’m Aya. I have been working as a hairdresser at NAOKI since January 2020.

Three weeks have passed since I came to Singapore.  Every day is a flash of new things.
I would like to introduce myself as my first blog ~

I had  been working in Motomachi, Yokohama for 12 years.  As many customers come to the store, I  involved in each and every one of our customers, with a focus on making suggestions that fit their lifestyle and having fun at the store.  

My favorite technology is coloring and I was doing a lot of natural highlighting and bright gray hair dyeing.

And bright color style.

Recently, bleach-based colors have become very popular, so you can enjoy a variety of colors with less damage.  NAOKI also offers new color agents, so I think you can enjoy it in various ways!

I also learned about balayage in London.

And with thanks and passion, I am able to help with the coming-of-age ceremony of customers who have been coming for a long time, as we have also been dressed in techniques unique to the Japanese.

It is a kimono that has no chance to wear in Japan, but it is still good.

In addition, I have been introduced on Instagram etc., so please see if you like.

I still can’t speak Very good English, but thank you!

I look forward to seeing you all ♪

How should I dye my white hair? 【cover? brighter?】

How do you manage your grey hair?

There are a lot of ways to colour hair. Many people enjoy it.

How do others cover grey hair? What is the good way for you?

1. Covering with dark tone colour

  • Black – dark brown
  • Perfect coverage for grey colour. It lasts long.

Dark colour pigment stay inside hair. If you want to cover your grey hair completely, it’s suitable for you.

2. Colouring with medium tone colour

  • Brown – light brown
  • Similar to fashion(normal) colour

It was not possible to dye grey hair with lighter colour in the past. But nowadays technology has improved and we can enjoy more variety of colours.

It is good for those who are in the initial stage of grey hair. If you are so, you might be considering “Should I change my hair colouring to one for grey hair?”

If you have been enjoying bright, vivid hair colouring for long time already, I think there is resistance to change your hair colour to darker one. So, second option matches you.

3. Grey hair colouring + highlight

  • Brown +highlight
  • Highlight vary

There are various good effects by adding highlights to the regular grey hair colouring.

  • In addition to cover grey hair, it’s possible to make hair look brighter
  • It looks shiny with highlight
  • Growing grey hair looks vague with highlight
  • You can try different image of hair easily

Highlight varies from natural, blended colour design to distinct, clear ones.

If you try highlight, which kinds of design would you like to try?

Check highlights designs!

Important part, ‘How you’d like to show yourself’

Let’s say you meet people for the first time, one has black hair, the other has blonde hair.

You might have some guess or assumption to them, right?

Hair colour affects people’s impression so much.

Let’s think about how to show yourself together!

Refresh your hair colour

Special Shampoo & Mask to Prolong your colour

1 use to see/feel the difference! 

Paraben Free, SLS/SLES Free Organic extract

Shampoo/mask colors:

– Silvery Ash 

– Maroon Red

– Violet Blue

– Blonde Green 

– Gold Brown 

– Pink Lady

– Lucky blue

– Choco Milk

– Rose Gold

– Rose red

– Rose Blue

– Rose Violet

– Mermaid Blue

– Platinum 

Tone your hair colour when u wash!!!

Kill unwanted yellow pigments 

Shampoo: can be used daily. Shampoo and leave on for 1-3 mins and rinse off.

Mask: Apply on wet hair and leave on for 5-15 mins and rinse off.

For neutralise of yellow pigment/tone for grey/ash colour, please select Navy Blue/Violet blue.


The secret of brightening and repairing-Formulated with the latest ingredient nano molecules to help hair color last longer and brighter. With PhytoCellTec™ Malus Domestica, improving the damage of the hair and extending anti-oxidant to keep the hair vibrant and colorful are suitable for whom facing hair color fading. Gently cleanses and compensates colouring loss. Color recovers its shine and the richness of highlights, and hair regains softness. For use with Miss Dear Color Refresh Mask can brighten hair color with every use, extend your hair color and keep it bright.

Directions of use:

– Wash hair with Miss Dear Color Refresh Shampoo, massage into a rich lather leave on 1-3 min and rinse.

– Apply evenly the Miss Dear Color Refresh Mask.

– Leave on for 5-15 min and rinse.

Shampoo 300ml

*Paraben Free, SLS/SLES Free Organic extracts

BLONDE GREEN Color Refresh Shampoo :Can refresh color-treated hair of blonde tone.

SILVERY ASH Toning Shampoo is for gray, highlighted and white hair.

MAROON RED Color Refresh Shampoo:Can refresh color-treated hair of violet, red and warm tones.

VIOLET BLUE Color Refresh Shampoo:Can refresh color-treated hair of navy blue and cold tones.

PLATINUM Color Shampoo:Was developed to neutralize unwanted yellow tone to achive a perfect, shiny silvery hair.

LUCKY BLUE Color Refresh Shampoo:Can refresh color-treated hair of green blue.

*Paraben Free, SLS/SLES Free Organic extracts

What is a Mermaid Gradient Color?

How’s everyone today?

Last time we talked about balayage color.

This time, we introduce colorful and beautiful mermaid colors using various colors. I will explain it clearly using videos and images.

This image is the base color that is important for mermaid color. Apply bleach delicately from the middle to the tip of the hair so that the border is not visible.

Then, when the base is completed, apply the mermaid color. The reason why it is called a mermaid color is because it looks like the tail of a mermaid princess with colors of blue, green, yellow and purple. (I don’t know if this commentary is true, but I think so.)

And in this aluminum foil, 3.4 different colors that I personally imagined are arranged with a unique calculation method.

After a long time, shampoo and dry. When shampooing, wash delicately so that colors are not mixed.

Here is the finished image! !

This hairstyle is colorful, not very flashy and very delicate. By the way, if the mermaid color is reddish, it will have a high impact color.

What is your impression?

If you are worried about using such a gradation color, please do counseling with me first. I will suggest a color gradation that you recommend and suits you better.

Hope you learnt something today!

Till then, I’ll see you in my next article!

What is a gradient color balayage color?

How’s everyone today?

Have you ever heard of the balayage color? Balayage is French for broom. It is called balayage color because it is painted like a broom when adding a highlight color. We will explain how to put the balayage in a video and image for everyone to understand.

As you can see in the video above, the hair tips should be fully bleached and swept with brooms in the middle.

And the above image is the end of the coloring. The width of the bleach increases as the hair gets thinner from the base.

Apply the color from the top of the layered color to give the hair a sense of transparency.Even if new hair grows, the border of colored hair becomes difficult to understand.

How was it?

Next time, I will explain the color slightly different from this time.