Hair Repair :-

Hi to all customers and friends, this round I will like to introduce another range of Milbon treatment which is Repair series.

First of all this treatment will helps to repair and reconstruct. Formulated especially for severely damaged hair,  this restorative product is powered by innovative Dual-Repair Technology that deeply nourish damaged part or over-processed hair. It also renewed elasticity and resilience. Reinforced with cationized keratin, it safeguards from further damage. 

Hair will look and feel healthier while enhancing its performance during blowouts and with it unique warm, sweet fragrance scent for sure our hair feels so good after this 4 steps treatment.

Featured Ingredients

SSVR-Silk is a powerful, silk-based complex that improves hair’s integrity, inside and out.

CMADK is our groundbreaking protein that restores hair’s strength by binding inside the hair via disulfide bonds. Combined with SSVR-SILK to complete Dual-Repair Technology. Infused in all items in the Repair Collection.

Do make a reservation with our treatment experts to keep your hair in this nice and good condition.

miscellaneous note for hair③

Hello, this is Meiko.

Continuing on from the previous time, I would like to tell you about the trivia of hair.

This time「Does the heat in the hair dryer damage your hair?」

One of the most frequently asked questions in the past.

Certainly, it’s not a good idea to heat your hair more than necessary.

However, it is more damaging for hair to leave it wet.

Wet hair is very delicate because the surface cuticles are open.

The cuticle is the part that covers the surface of the hair.

It protects the inside of the hair from external stimuli and works to prevent loss of protein and moisture, while at the same time shining the hair.

It overlaps in the shape of a scale from the root toward the hair tip, suppressing the outflow inside.

If you leave it wet, the cuticle will peel off from the hair due to friction with the hairs, the clothes you are wearing, and the pillow fabric, etc., and the hair will become drier.

If you apply the wind of the dryer along the direction of the cuticle, the gloss will come out and the packing will improve.

In addition, the scalp covered with wet hair tends to be an environment where germs can easily propagate.

I think it is important to dry the scalp as well as the hair, as it can cause dandruff, excess oil, and smell.

Treatments: Part 2

Hair Care : part 2 

Hi everyone! I will like to introduce part 2 of Milbon treatment which is the Smooth series.

This treatment will detangles and improves the hair, giving it a soft and silky-smooth finishes. It also nourishes dry hair with conditioner smoothes cuticle to enhance texture, leaving every strand of our hair feelings smooth and silky soft texture.

It comes in 3 formulas from Fine to Medium and Coarse hair.

Milbon products mostly have this Power Ingredients which help to deep repair our hai :-

SSVR-Silk is a powerful, silk-based complex which superseded hollow tubular gaps that form in chemically treated hair — which seem to contribute to loss of shine, split ends and breakage. It effectively improves hair’s overall integrity, inside and out. This groundbreaking ingredients is now incorporated in all-new Global Milbon signature items.

Do make a reservation with our treatment experts to experience this powerful treatment. 

Home care tips for hair colour

2 things you must do at home.

Use color shampoo for colored hair

How to maintain your hair color without breaking your bank? Using color care shampoo is crucial in giving your hair dye a longer lasting effect while retaining its shine on your tresses. I recommend you a good range of color shampoo and color care treatment where you can work your magic at the comfort of home.

missdear Colour Shampoo $38
missdear Colour Treatment $48

My colleague wrote about this more “Refresh your hair colour”

Dry your hair after wash

The essential part for colour care is…

DRY YOUR HAIR after wash!!

Most people do not dry their hair and allow it to naturally dry it. However I strongly recommend this drying process to be crucial because when your hair is wet, it’s cuticle opens up. This means the pigment in the hair cuticle fades it’s color very fast. Thus, your hair color fades away easily and you will require a re fun at maintenance on the long run.

I hope my short article gives you some knowledge about hair color and how to maintain for longer lasting effects!

Meals for healthy hair

Meals for healthy hair

It is important to care from the outside to have clean hair but care from the inside is also important.

In particular diet. It is nutrients for hair. Therefore a little effort will help improve it!

The following three nutrients are necessary:

(1) Protein
The main component of a human body is protein (a collection of amino acids).

The same main component applies to the hair is the same. Protein supplementation is indispensable.

So how much protein should I consume?

The ratio is calculated by “your body weight x 1g”.

For example, if you have a weight of 55kg, it is 55g x 1g.

No matter how much care is taken from the outside, good hair will not grow if there is not enough protein as it is a raw material for hair.

When it comes to protein-rich foods, chicken, pork, beef, fish, eggs, etc. will benefit. So try to take protein actively.

(2) Lipid

The next important thing is lipid.

Lipid play an important role in making the female hormones that is needed to grow for the hair.

Female hormones promote the growth and maintain the hair growth period, it is a nutrient that may be taken positively.

By the way, male hormones affect body hair too.

For example, some people refrain from food high in fat for dieting which is counterproductive for hair.

Food rich in lipids include olive oil, sesame oil, and butter.

You know that lipids have little effect on obesity, so be sure to get the right amount for your body and hair.

(3) Mineral ingredients

The third is a mineral component.

Mineral ingredients play a very important role in making up the hair.

By the way, protein account about 80% – 90% for the hair.

The remaining 10% to 20% is composed of minerals such as copper, zinc and selenium.

“But how should we take mineral ingredients?”

I recommend cocoa.

The good thing about cocoa is that it contains a lot of nutrients needed for the hair. It’s basically a universal hair drink!

Cocoa beans, the main component of cocoa, contain a lot of minerals. It is rich in zinc, iron, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and copper which are essential minerals for the hair.

It is very difficult to drink with awareness of these mineral components, but if you drink cocoa, you will see a difference.

Moreover, the cocoa content is only 1/20 to 1/40 of coffee. Of course, if you drink too much, it does not show any special effect, so we recommend about 1 cup a day. (Too much caffeine can stimulate the sympathetic nerves and make blood circulation worse, which can have an adverse effect on hair growth.)

“What drink contains cocoa?”

Milo is a good drink! A very popular drink in Singapore too!

If you want to improve your hair, try these method which I’ve just shared!