Introducing various hair colour style!

Hi I’m Aya. I have been working as a hairdresser at NAOKI since January 2020.

Three weeks have passed since I came to Singapore.  Every day is a flash of new things.
I would like to introduce myself as my first blog ~

I had  been working in Motomachi, Yokohama for 12 years.  As many customers come to the store, I  involved in each and every one of our customers, with a focus on making suggestions that fit their lifestyle and having fun at the store.  

My favorite technology is coloring and I was doing a lot of natural highlighting and bright gray hair dyeing.

And bright color style.

Recently, bleach-based colors have become very popular, so you can enjoy a variety of colors with less damage.  NAOKI also offers new color agents, so I think you can enjoy it in various ways!

I also learned about balayage in London.

And with thanks and passion, I am able to help with the coming-of-age ceremony of customers who have been coming for a long time, as we have also been dressed in techniques unique to the Japanese.

It is a kimono that has no chance to wear in Japan, but it is still good.

In addition, I have been introduced on Instagram etc., so please see if you like.

I still can’t speak Very good English, but thank you!

I look forward to seeing you all ♪

Various bob styles.

How’s everyone today?

Chinese New Year is so near! We are glad that many customers visit us every day. Among them, a lot of Bob style customers came. This time I took a lot of pictures of Bob Style, so please make it a hair catalog for your style reference in the future.

There are various styles of Bob and we will recommend Bob that suits you according to your hair quality and the structure of your head.

How was it? We will share information that will please you next.

Do you want a short-style?

I will easily explain the charm of the short style this time!

※  A small face

※  Because I can see the balance of the body. If the balance of the body is good, the style will look nice 

※  Everyday care is very simple

A silhouette in particular in comparison with Longus tile becomes important to the short style.

There is even a point that I am particular about but as for the Asian, an accent tends to be hard to appear basically because the form of the head is flatter than Westerners.

Judging from which angle, I cut it to become the diamond “diamond form”.

A wonderful silhouette becomes a real such feeling in a diamond from any angles. 

If you are thinking to get a short cut but if you are tired of getting the same short cut, you can demand for a change of you visit our shop!

Students also enjoy fashionable hair.


How’s everyone today?

How was the Bobcut shortcut article I wrote ? Today I will explain about long hair for students . There are many people with long hair in Singapore. Some people with long hair have a gradation color. However, I don’t see many people have their hair set [Maybe the set will collapse due to moisture.]But most people wants to be fashionable if they are out shopping on their day off. So this time, I will explain and recommend some ideas for students with long hair.

First, the explanation of the curl iron style.

If you do best, this style maybe possible. But when you set your hair in a beauty salon, it looks really beautiful. Because Japanese hairdressers are licensed and professional. Walking through Somerset and Orchard with a beautiful hairstyle will make you feel even better.

Next, I will explain the digital perm that can be set by drying.

A digital perm can be dried to create a large curl at the tip of the hair and increase the volume. The effect of digital perm is semi-permanent. So digital perm last longer[However, you need to fix it again in about 6 months.

The last is explanation of straight perm.

How was it?

Consider transforming yourself with fashionable hairstyle and make lots of fun memories. NAOKI HAIR DRESSING is a place to help beauty.

A thorough explanation of Bobcut and shortcut. The second part.

How’s everyone today?

The last time I’ve explained “Bob-Cut”

and this time I like to share with you what is “Short-Cut”.

“Short-Cut” style is shorter than “Bob-Cut”. Most often, it is quite challenging to design a “Short-Cut” to suit the face and hair quality also plays an important part.

I will give you various advice and explain with pictures to show below.

This hairstyle is an easy-to-try cut among the “short-cut”. Even if your face is stretched or your face is round, you can hide it with this cut.

This hairstyle is also easy-to-try. The cut will give the neckline a slender and tight look with volume on top. Therefore give a very refreshing look after.

This hairstyle is “Berry-Short”. We normally will give more advices to you first because of its hairstyle nature; “cute-cool-personality” which mode ladies may not be able to accept. By the way, “Belly-Short” is easy to manage if the top bit is longer.

The last short style is a slightly creative hairstyle. This is called “Wolf-Mash-Style” giving a punk rock face. However it leaves a feminine look with soft perm done on the the top and the back.

How was it? Have you learnt something today?

All our stylists at Naoki Hair Dressing had more than 15 years of experience in Japan and we definitely could provide a suitable hairstyle for our customers.

Come book your appointment with us and look for your unique hairstyle.