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Hair Repair :-

Hi to all customers and friends, this round I will like to introduce another range of Milbon treatment which is Repair series.

First of all this treatment will helps to repair and reconstruct. Formulated especially for severely damaged hair,  this restorative product is powered by innovative Dual-Repair Technology that deeply nourish damaged part or over-processed hair. It also renewed elasticity and resilience. Reinforced with cationized keratin, it safeguards from further damage. 

Hair will look and feel healthier while enhancing its performance during blowouts and with it unique warm, sweet fragrance scent for sure our hair feels so good after this 4 steps treatment.

Featured Ingredients

SSVR-Silk is a powerful, silk-based complex that improves hair’s integrity, inside and out.

CMADK is our groundbreaking protein that restores hair’s strength by binding inside the hair via disulfide bonds. Combined with SSVR-SILK to complete Dual-Repair Technology. Infused in all items in the Repair Collection.

Do make a reservation with our treatment experts to keep your hair in this nice and good condition.

2 Step treatment for colour hair

About 70% of customers who come to the hair salon do hair coloring.  Among them, less than 10% of people take care of hair in a beauty salon, and about 15% of people do home care at home.  The hair after hair coloring is very delicate, and one week after the treatment is an important period for intensive care.
Depending on whether you care for this week or not, [fading, drying, luster] etc. will change greatly.
There are two main ways of care.

Treatment in the hair salon.
Treatment at the home.

Naoki hair dressing offers many treatments so that even busy people can do high-quality treatments without spending time.

CRONNA of 2step treatment prevents loss of color by applying a cap that prevents protein loss.  Repairs and protects damaged parts of hair and cutile without taking a long time.

2 Step treatment

Above shoulder $60 Below shoulder $80

Would you like to take care of damage such as color agents and age?  Let’s start with the habit of taking care.

Treatments : Part 3️⃣

Hair Care : Maintenance 

Hi to all customers and friends, for this time I will like to talk about another range of Milbon treatment which is Moisture series.

This treatment me myself like it so much,besides the smell is good with fruity, aqueous scent, It also will instantly detangles and improves the feel of hair, giving it a soft,silky-smooth finish. This moisturizing treatment is good for dull, dry and porous hair with it’s extra hydration,deeply nourishes the dry hair and has powerful moisturizes ingredients that sealing the cuticle, leaving hair looking luminous and color more vibrant. It reverses damage caused by repeated chemicals services especially hair coloring, this weightlessly replenishes moisture product is suitable for all type hair,from fine to medium and course is good also .

Moisture is sealed in, and an at-home weekly booster and home care shampoo and treatment will provides results that last up this 2-3 weeks.

Milbon products mostly have SSVR-Silk Power Ingredients which help to deep repair our hair.

Do make a reservation with our treatment experts to keep your hair in this good condition.

Treatments: Part 2

Hair Care : part 2 

Hi everyone! I will like to introduce part 2 of Milbon treatment which is the Smooth series.

This treatment will detangles and improves the hair, giving it a soft and silky-smooth finishes. It also nourishes dry hair with conditioner smoothes cuticle to enhance texture, leaving every strand of our hair feelings smooth and silky soft texture.

It comes in 3 formulas from Fine to Medium and Coarse hair.

Milbon products mostly have this Power Ingredients which help to deep repair our hai :-

SSVR-Silk is a powerful, silk-based complex which superseded hollow tubular gaps that form in chemically treated hair — which seem to contribute to loss of shine, split ends and breakage. It effectively improves hair’s overall integrity, inside and out. This groundbreaking ingredients is now incorporated in all-new Global Milbon signature items.

Do make a reservation with our treatment experts to experience this powerful treatment. 

Hair Care : Treatments

Today I will like to talk about hair care after every chemical service is important because the chemical can damaged our hair and hair treatment is the agent of rescues for the hair cuticles.

One of our favorite hair treatment is this  Milbon Anti-Frizz hair treatment,a global “Made In Japan” brand that eliminate frizz, define the waves and curls of the hair, beneficial to maintain luscious locks so that our hair have silky smooth looking and will also rest our hair to less frizz due to our Asia hot weathers.

This 3-step deep conditioning hair treatment is masterfully formulated to effectively de frizz the hair while helping extend blowouts and styles amid high humidity in the air.

To maintain the treatment to the maximum results,use in conjunction with the Anti-Frizz Home care collections.

Do check out this fabulous hair care and treatment yourself!!

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