Why do we need to treat our scalp regularly?

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An often Scalp treatments in salons are one of such effective hair loss prevention methods. Scalp treatment is based on scientific research for one purpose- to improve the condition of the scalp, providing a healthy environment for your hair growth from roots to hair.

What is the purpose of a scalp treatment?

Theres nothing like a good scalp massage to melt away tension—and the benefits of these treatments extend far beyond relaxation. Scalp treatments unclog the hair follicles, releasing natural conditioning oils. Plus, they stimulate blood flow, so nutrients can better reach the scalp and nourish your hair.

Scalp treatment is for anyone facing hair loss, dandruff, an imbalance in the sebum level of the scalp (too dry/too oily), red or sensitive skin ;this is the one that we recommend highly. The fact is, a healthy scalp is essential for healthy hair, yet is often overlooked. A relaxing and soothing process, it involves 100% painless peeling and scaling of the scalp, followed by shampooing and infusion of scalp tonic with the help of a special skilled masseur is definitely a very pleasant and spa-like experience. Specially sourced from Italy, the scalp product – OWAY(Organic Way) – itself is completely free from pesticides, herbicides, insecticides and synthetic fertilizers, and is pure and organic, which is something that you don’t often find at most commercial salons! 

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Care for men’s thin hair and young baldness with treatment.

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Last time, we explained about female thin hair and young baldness.

This time, I will explain about male thin hair and young baldness.

In the second half, we will introduce scalp treatments.

Then, male hormones are related to the reason why men first become thin haired and bald. A type of male hormone DHT (Dihydrotestosterone). This increase in DHT results in thinning hair and baldness. AGA (male pattern baldness). By the way, when DHT increases, the hair becomes thicker and sebum secretion is activated.

I will explain the process of becoming thin hair and young bald.

The hair is 1. Grow 2.Extend 3.Stop 4.Lose.

Repeat this hair cycle for 2-6 years. However, hair growth hindered by an increase in DHT. When DHT prevents hair growth, the hair cycle is disturbed and the hair is more likely to come off without being able to grow. And the hair that hasn’t grown up will become thinner and weaker, and the hair will decrease. As a supplement, AGA(male pattern baldness from the hairline around the face and from the top of the head.

The most effective way to deal with AGA is to go to a specialized clinic. There are countermeasures before you become AGA in the beauty salon.

For the causes of thinning hair and baldness other than AGA, see the method for countermeasures against thinning hair and baldness in women I wrote last time.

For women who suffer from thinning hair. 4 reason and improvement measures.

Next, I paid attention to green tea. Green tea contains catechin, which prevents thinning hair and young baldness. I will explain way.

1.Burning body fat

Ingestion of catechin increases energy consumption and facilities the burning of fat, making it easier to carry nutrients to the hair.

2.Antioxidant effect

Also called anti-aging. It is active oxygen that prevents bacteria in the body, but if it increases too much, it has the disadvantage of aging somatic cells. Zinc is used to remove active oxygen, but since zinc is a nutrient in protein production, metabolism decreases when zinc is reduced. Hair is the first to be affected when zinc is reduced. Catechin removes active oxygen and reduces zinc consumption, so your hair stays healthy.

3.Bactericidal action

Green tea has a bactericidal action, so shampooing hair with green tea suppresses the increase in bacteria and neutralises bacterial toxins.

Green tea is great for gods and scalp. However, there are also disadvantages if you wash drink too much with green tea.

(For example)

1.Green tea also has the role of cooling the body, causing blood vessels to shrink and blood flow to worsen. (※ If you drink too much green tea)

2.On the contrary, the bactericidal action may remove the resident bacteria necessary for the scalp and take too much lipid.

So my suggestion is to recommend a green tea scalp treatment at the hair salon.

Extracts only the ingredients that are good for the hair and scalp and also moisturises.

From here, I will explain the scalp treatment with movie.

First, lightly shampoo.

Next, apply green tea scalp treatment to the scalp.

Then massage to improve blood circulation. Wait 5 to 10 minutes after the massage.

After waiting for a while, emulsify and rinse thoroughly.

This softens the scalp and improves blood circulation. Further massage will improve your face.

Green tea scalp treatment S $50

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Scalp Care ~ Soothe

Today I like to talk about our signature scalp treatment which is OWAY,a 100% BIODYNAMIC ingredient product from Italy.

Let’s begin with the Sensitive skin range first :-

Sensitive scalp is often subject to itching, discomfort and irritation. To restore balance it is necessary to cleanse and treat it with products of maximum delicacy that offer relief and immediate wellness while they act to eliminate the inflammation, restoring skin to a state of comfort and relax. 

The SOOTHING line uses ultra-delicate cleansing agents: the cleansing phase is carried out with our surfactant-based non-ethoxylated product that purifies gently without irritating the skin. It is joined with refreshing and slightly balsamic extracts, which give immediate relief, and a powerful anti-inflammatory action, Zanthoxylum soothing and anti-irritating, increases the skin’s natural defenses.


Uses apothecary style in salon and at home remedies to heal and relieve red and sensitive scalps.

  • Soothing Hair Bath cleanses and calms scalps prone to redness with biodynamic chamomile and fennel seed essential oil.
  • Zanthohylum Soothing Gel is an ancient Chinese herb known for its healing and calming properties.
  • Pure Biodynamic Helichrysum is known for its anti-inflammatory benefits and soothes sensitive scalps.
  • Soothing Remedy is a concentrated spot treatment with aloe vera and amaranth that protects sensitive scalps.

So this is a very good and organic product that suits those with sensitive and itchy scalp.

Do make an appointment with me to helps u out on your scalp issues. 

How to prevent alopecia/baldness?

  1. Do you have the habit of combing your hair neatly in the morning and evening to prevent baldness? Every morning and evening to comb 50 times, can stimulate the scalp to improve hair ventilation. Since the scalp is prone to sweating and soiling, frequent combing may help prevent baldness and dandruff. We’d better spend a little time on our hair to keep it shiny. 

2. Prevent baldness-Change the direction of the comb if the direction of the comb remains unchanged, the hair seam separated from the place, due to the often sunlight relationship, will present a special drying or thinning. If the separated areas begin to thinn, you should massage them after applying hair cream or oil to moisturize the dried scalp. Sometimes may wish to separate the direction of change, not only to enjoy the fun of hair, and can avoid the separation of dry, and lead to bald trouble. Thin hair people had better carry out head massage because of thin hair or bald head and nervous people, it is best to do head massage, promote blood circulation. Massage can make hair soft, improve metabolism, promote hair development. The method of massage is to rub or tighten the hair with fingers. Before massage, apply scalp tonic on the scalp, can improve the effect. In addition, the use of brushes made of brushes, every day with a right-angle pat on the scalp can also work. 

3. The method of thinning hair with acidic constitution, or the lack of certain nutrients and calcium in the body, the hair is always weak and thin. Such people should eat kelp sprouts, kelp, cheese, milk, raw vegetables and so on. At the same time massage the scalp every day, to stimulate the scalp, promote blood circulation can be improved. 

4. Prevent hair loss shampoo and massage the head of the blood circulation is not good, will produce hair loss phenomenon. To prevent hair loss, you must keep the hair root part clean, shampoo must use weak acidic shampoo (do not use excessive) clean, after silk, then a little water, so that the hair root contraction. Usually need to smear scalp tonic on the scalp, to massage and stimulation. 

5. Treat alopecia food intake too much sugar and salt or animal fat, harmful to blood circulation. Such people should drink more raw water or eat more vegetables. Rich in iron foods, lean meat, egg protein, spinach, cabbage, celery, fruit and so on are the best treatment food. The scalp hardens in bald or bald people. These foods help soften the scalp.

Recommended two products:

Capacity: 240ml/950ml
It delicately cleanses,countering hair loss

It strengthens the cohesion and stability of the hair shaft and bulb and it adds strength and resistance to the hair 

If favours micro circulation in the scalp and it lightly moisturizes the skin 

Is good to use them to balance and soothe the scalp after hair wash,perming and dyeing.

For women who suffer from thinning hair. 4 reason and improvement measures.

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Recently there seems to be an increasing number of women who are worried about thinning hair and balding young. The cause of blading young is said to be hormonal imbalance disturbance. There are female and male hormones in women, and male hormones increase if the hormone balance is disturbed. As male hormones increase, they become thinner. Today I will write four features and counter measures that disrupt balance.

Reason 1 : Stress

Stress has negative effect on female hormones. I feel stress not only disgust but also in joy and surprise. Try to avoid stress as much as possible.

How to relieve stress is not yet elucidated anyway, take a rest and live a regular life.

Reason 2: UV

The amount of UV light in Singapore is second in the world. (Australia has the strongest UV rays in the world ) Aging of the skin and scalp is greatly related to photo aging by ultraviolet rays. Photo aging causes the scalp to harden and poor circulation. When the scalp becomes poorly circulated, new hair grows thin and dry and over time, hair loss occur.

To improve, wear a hat outside. Use hair UV spray and it’s important that you don’t fall outside during the day.

Reason 3: Disorder of eating habits

Disturbances in eating habits can disrupt hormone balance. It’s not easy to eat vegetables in Singapore. If you consume a lot of salt, lipids and additives, the scalp will have more fat and poor circulation. Then the hair becomes thin hair.

To improve, we recommend that you reduce the amount of meals you eat a little and drink vegetable juice or supplements.

Reason 4: Someone who is doing color by self

Coloring agents that can make hair dyes in various places are now on sale. When you are busy, you can easily dye your hair. However, there are many people who do not know how easy it is for anyone to dye their hair because it puts a burden on their hair and scalp. Commercially available color preparations are set with a strong dyeing power so that anyone can dye their hair and it takes time to dye your hair yourself. And it’s fast time to wash your hair yourself. As a result, the hair is damaged by the long-lasting color and the scalp is not washed well, color agent remains in the pores and makes the hair thinner.

As a measure to improve, it is advisable to color in the hair salon. Unlike when you dye your own hair, Hair salon get their hair dyed faster and wash their shampoo well over time. The shampoo is also an amino shampoo that is gentle to the hair and scalp. If you really can’t go to the hair salon and dye your hair at home, use your finger belly to wash gently. Use amino shampoo if possible.

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