I will answer some questions about straightening!


 This is Shinya.

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 This time,

I will answer some question about straightening from our customers.

 Is it possible to retouch hair straightening?


 A. Yes.

You can retouch hair straightening.

 Why is there such a process ?

 That’s because it considers damage.

 If you do it to the tip of the hair every time, damage will accumulate.

 We will judge whether it is only the root or the whole by looking at the condition of the hair.

 There is no price setting menu called Hair Straightening Retouch.

 As I said, we will judge whether it is necessary by looking at the condition of the hair.

 Can you do straighten hair and color at the same time?

 A. Yes.

 I used to refuse, but now I can.  The only thing you have to be careful about is the damage to your hair.

 Since two treatments are performed at once, it puts a heavy burden on the hair.  We recommend that you take a treatment to reduce the damage.

 How often should I do it??

 A. This depends on your hair , so it’s a little different, but it’s about 3 to 6 months.

 If you have a strong natural curly hair or a short length, it’s about 3 months.

Can you understand straightening?

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Mixing treatment with colour & perm! quick & high quality

Just mix! Make your color / perm high quality

KiRaHa Plex is a type of treatment that mixes with color and perm chemicals.

1. Reduce chemical damage

To get a stylish hairstyle, “hair care” is also very important. It is true, however, there is more or less impact on hair.

Therefore, treatment after color and perm is very important process to upgrade your hairstyle and enjoy it for a long time.

Even if you look stylish at first glance, you’re not happy if your hair is damaged, right? ?

KiRaHa Plex provides hair care while performing chemicals treatments. While regular salon treatments moisturize and repair hair, reducing damage from the begining is the biggest point of this treatment!

Customers who have been caring their hair in a long run, all they do it.

What you care everytime lead to a beautifully cared hairstyle.

2. Very Quick

Regular salon treatment is performed after all others(cut, colour, perm & etc…) are completed. It varies depending on the type of treatment, but generally takes about 10-30 minutes.

KiRaHa Plex treatment will be completed at the same time as colour $ perm. Because it is used by mixing with chemicals. 5 minutes for additional time.

Recommended especially for those who can’t spend much extra time.

Working behind the scenes to support

Step 1. Mix the treatment with chemicals

KiRaHa Plex No.1 Liquid (non-silicon)

Mix liquid type of first agent with color and perm. It penetrates to hair at the same time as chemicals It protects hair from damage.

Royal jelly reduces scalp irritation as well.

Step 2. Apply finishing protective agent after wash

KiRaHa Plex No.2 Creme (non-silicon)

After wash, pack the hair surface with creme type of second agent. The hair surface is tidy and adjusted. So it add more shine and smooth texture.

That’s it!

Recommended for everyone!

NAOKI HAIRDRESSING premium menu is amazing!


This is Shinya.

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I wrote about Rebonding and straightening hair again.

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 How is it?





 Straightening hair



 = Shinya

Did you know that Shinya is a rebonding specialist?


I will write about rebonding and straightening hair again.

This time about the premium menu.

There are two types of hair straightening and rebonding menu in our salon.


The first is normal a hair straightening and rebonding menu.

I already wrote on our blog.

The second is a premium menu!

Our position is recommended for those who want a higher-grade finish and those who want lesser damage.

Don’t you know if you were told like that?

Tell me more??

In fact,it was such a great premium straight menu!

 NAOKI HAIR DRESSING have more than 15 straightening solutions.

As I mentioned before,There are no other salons that have focused on rebonding and straightening hair in Orchard,Somerset neighborhood,in Singapore beauty salon.

The Straightening of the premium menu is our original.

 feature is


 1. Damageless

 Just because it is premium,it is harder to damage than conventional straightening and straightening.


 Because it contains nano-CMC.

 Contains five types of ceramides,18-MEA (derivative),and seven types of hair repair ingredients: cholesterol.  Efficiently replenishes damaged parts of hair and restores moist,smooth,and healthy hair-like feel.


It can be called a treatment straight!


 2. Gloss and feel are completely different!

 I think this is the best feature.

 Expression is difficult,

 Super shiny super smooth !

If you have done rebonand Straightening hair,you will be surprised by this difference!

It is the natural hair texture! 

It is soft and shiny hair.

(Of course,there are individual differences.)


 3. It can do bleached hair and high damage hair.

But this is negotiable with our stylist.

It is possible to operate on bleached hair and high damage hair.

Bleach hair,damaged hair,please consult with us.

What do you think?

Are you gradually getting interested?

Duration is about 3hours.

Price is + $ 50 for normal Straightening hair and rebonding.

Please consult us.


Three effects of rebonding and straightening hair!


This is Shinya.

In the last blog, I told you the secret of rebonding and hair straightening.

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And this time

Continuing on about rebonding and hair straightening.


I think that.

There are no other salons that have focused on rebonding and straightening hair in Orchard, Somerset neighborhood, in Singapore beauty salon.

I can suggest it with confidence.

Three effects of rebonding and straightening hair!



1. Hair becomes straight.

You know somehow,right?

Everyone knows?



For example.

I want my hair straight,but I don’t want it to be not too straight hair.

Please do not worry.

10 years ago, it was to be too straight hair and it made hair stiffer but nowadays as technology advanced, it’s chemical had improved tremendously for achieving softer straight hair.




2. Hair volume down.

Many people don’t know this.

This is before.

This is after


There are many customers like this and it is possible to do. However, there is a limit to adjusting the amount of hair.


Too little hair is untidy and light enough to be damaged.

And there is a limit because there are limited places where you can adjust the amount of hair.

Anyway,if you want to reduce the volume lightly,you can lower the volume by applying straight or partial hair straightening from the root to the middle.



3. To a beautiful hair.



By making the hair straight, the cuticle on the surface is arranged,so the light is reflected beautifully,making it a glossy and beautiful hair.

Recent straightening hair and rebonding are recommended because most of them have a soft texture.

For straightening hair and rebonding in Singapore,


The rainy season! The secret of Rebonding and hair straightening.


This is Shinya.

Singapore has been raining recently.

Do you feel this way?  Messy hair, hair spreads, don’t like humidity, difficult to maintain.

This time for you.

I would like to write about rebonding and straightening.

Do you know rebonding and straightening?

How long does it take ??

Depending on hair quality, it takes about 2 and half hours to 3 hours.

The work flow process for those who don’t know.


(Hair diagnosis,color and perm history)

• Put on 1st straightening cream for your hair.

This is the most important point.

How quickly can it apply and select 1st straightening cream that match your hair quality?

(If necessary, apply treatment, depending on hair damage.)

• Waiting time about 5 to 25 minutes.

 (Time varies depending on hair damage.)

• Rinsing

• Dry your hair completely.  

 (If necessary,apply treatment,depending on hair damage.)

• Straight ironing 

• Put on 2nd straightening cream for your hair.

 • Waiting time about 5 to 10 minutes.

 • Rinsing 


This is the process.

 What kind of person is recommended?

•Want to easy to maintain hair.

•Want to straight hair

•Want to volume down for hair 

 How fast should I do it?

Once every 3 to 6 months.

Basically, it is not necessary to do all hair straightening every time.

There is also roots touch-up for hair straightening.

 Is there damage for hair?

Of course it does some damage to hair.

But no problem.  Because there are treatments that reduce hair damage.

Please consult with us if you are interested.