The cutest hairstyle for straightening hair!!


 I’m Shinya.

 This time, I will introduce the hairstyles that are most ordered by many customers who straighten their hair.

 Among the many customers who straighten curly hair, the most ordered hairstyle is Bob Style!

 Bob has many styles.

I will introduce it.  Please check it out,

 •Long Bob

 This is about a little longer than the shoulder, about the length of the collarbone.

 This hairstyle is recommended for those who want to grow and those who are Bob but want to tie it tightly.

 •Classic Bob

This is the Bob style that everyone imagines when they hear it as Bob.

 A rounded style with a length that makes the nape of the neck visible or invisible.  I want to challenge Bob, but I don’t want to be that short.  Recommended for such people.

 •The most ordered Minimum Bob

 As the name suggests, this is a compact bob style.

 It’s not short hair style, but it’s a fairly short bob style.

 A stylish bob style that is cute even if you put it on your ears.

 Recommended for those who are tired of the heavy bob style and who want to shorten it and change their mood.

 What do you think?  

All bob styles go perfectly with straightening hair!

 The hair straightening I make can be soft and natural!

 If you are interested, please contact Shinya

 We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Author Shinya

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Hello! I’m Shinya, the shop manager I always suggest easy DIY hairstyle so that my customers are able to be their own hairstylist at home! I specialized in digital perming and hair straightening! Do make an appointment and visit me soon!

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