The hairstyle that used to be a long style has been changed to a bob style.

Hello, I’m Go, a stylist at the beauty salon NAOKI HAIR DRESSING in the Somerset area, Orchard, Singapore.

Today, we received a request from a customer who kept the long style, so we will solve it.

This is the before hairstyle.

The customer’s request was that the hair on the surface of the hair was a little freezing, it was very hot and I didn’t like it, and I wanted to set it more easily.

It’s true that Singapore is in the summer all year round, and the humidity is high, so it’s difficult to care for your hair. We will solve such problems.

This is the after hairstyle.

I made it a bob style that looks like a chief. This cut can be easily set by shortening the width of the neckline by 1 cm and simply drying it with a hair dryer. And it’s very cool.

How is it?

Let’s share and solve your problems together.

Author Go

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I came to Singapore and learned about the hair quality of people from many countries.I can satisfy customers with easy-care hairstyles and stylish colors.I am good at cutting short hairstyles and hightlights colors.

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