I’m Tomo, a female stylist at Naoki hairdressing, a beauty salon in the Orchard and Somerset area.

Today I’d like to introduce you to a new treatment⭐︎

The name is “UPTOGLOSS “

It’s called the next generation hydrogen treatment.

One of the ingredients is highly concentrated hydrogen.

Hydrogen is a very small molecule, so it easily penetrates the hair and detoxifies only the bad active oxygen that causes ageing.

At the end of the treatment, heat is applied with a hair iron.

The heat activates the bonds of the bad active oxygen and holds more water molecules inside the hair, thus increasing the hair’s moisture content.

Features include: for fine and ageing hair, it gives bounce and resilience.

For thicker and firmer hair, it makes hair more supple.

The skin can be cared for at the same time, leading to reduced hair loss and greying.

To keep your hair beautiful with good use of “UPTOGLOSS “, it is recommended to have a treatment once a month.

*In the beginning, once every two or three weeks is recommended.

*You can expect to get your hair to hold together, but if you want to get rid of the original swell of your hair, we recommend straightening your hair.

Try it!!

Author tomo

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Hello! ︎ Nice to meet you, this is Tomo. I came to Singapore in June 2022 I have a qualification for hair. Hair Care Meister for her knowledge of hair. I worked at the Olympic Village hair salon at the time of the Tokyo Olympics. My specialty is short style and men's style. I'm looking forward to seeing you all.

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