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We have added purple highlights to a completely colourless state.

Purple is a colour that looks darker , but it needs to be bleached to show the colour properly. It will not look like this from dark hair.

It needs to be lightened to about 17 level .

Bleach to this level first.

Then, alkali is used near the roots to make it dull and reduce the yellow tones…

And then use a basic colour to make it purple…

This is how it looks.

If you do alkaline treatment before applying basic colour, you can expect good colour retention and beautiful fading.

It takes a long time to bleach the hair and there are many treatment processes, so it takes time and costs a lot of money.

This time it was bleached once because the hair was virgin, but if there is residual tint, it may need to be bleached two or more times.

One bleach and colour takes 3.5-4 hours. The price will be Above shoulder$260 Below shoulde$320.

Please allow plenty of time for bleaching.

If you have any problems with colour, please contact us. Let’s enjoy your hair colour.

See you soon!

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