Do you want a short-style?

I will easily explain the charm of the short style this time!

※  A small face

※  Because I can see the balance of the body. If the balance of the body is good, the style will look nice 

※  Everyday care is very simple

A silhouette in particular in comparison with Longus tile becomes important to the short style.

There is even a point that I am particular about but as for the Asian, an accent tends to be hard to appear basically because the form of the head is flatter than Westerners.

Judging from which angle, I cut it to become the diamond “diamond form”.

A wonderful silhouette becomes a real such feeling in a diamond from any angles. 

If you are thinking to get a short cut but if you are tired of getting the same short cut, you can demand for a change of you visit our shop!

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