What is BIGAMI

What is BIGAMI❓

 Bigami Hair Treatment – for slightly frizzy, dry and coarse hair.

Bigami is a hair treatment that increases the volume while reducing damage to the hair .

 Keratin, the main ingredient that repairs damage and increases the strength of every single hair strand giving it firmness and more luscious tresses.

By using this natural treatment, it will be easy to maintain and style of hair is more manageable.

It can be effective even if it’s done once and it can be used in combination with any other treatments or hair care products.

For best results, Bigami treatment is recommended once every two months for ensuring healthy and shiny hair. It is an aesthetic treatment that will make your hair beautiful and healthy while at the same time improving hair quality by feeding nutrients to it. 

❶Bigami treatment is chemical-free.

❷Singapore is humid. This treatment is good for humidity.

❸Different from rebonding.

❹Your hair will be shiny, glossy, silky, healthy and easy to manage.

❺Bigami has a good reputation.

Which kind of hair is suitable for Bigami??

❶Those who want to keep their hair tidy and neat.

❷Those hair is highly damaging and dry or frizzy hair.

❸Those who want to improve the texture of their hair

❹Those customers that care about their hair condition and want to take care more the hair

❺Those who wanna grow their hair long

Come and try it and feel the difference on your hair!!

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