CRONNA Cleansing Spa Shampoo Sumi

What is Soda in hair salon? How does it work?

I’ll introduce one of our technical menu, “Soda” [Above shoulder S$15, below shoulder S$20] Our “Soda” is not just a soda.

The power of “Soda”, “charcoal”, “alum”

CRONNA Cleansing Spa Shampoo Sumi
Fluffy bubble seems to make washing more comfortable…

“CRONNA Cleansing Spa Shampoo Sumi” by Milbon, we are using in our salon, contains not only soda, but also charcoal and alum.

Good effect to hair and scalp

  • it makes colour last longer by removing alkali
  • Mild acidity takes care of scalp
  • it cleanse dirtiness thoroughly by charcoal adsorption

Although there are lots of shampoo products, this soda shampoo has 6000ppm of carbonic acid. it helps improve blood circulation. In addition, it also contains “charcoal” which adsorb dirtiness. And “alum”, it is used for suppressing colour fading of food, is also has suppression effect for hair colour.

Suppression effect works much better on colour dyed on grey hair. hair colour looks even and nice right after colour. But it’s gradually fading, the part of white hair in particular. (it’s unfavorable shine…)

Combination of these three(soda, charcoal, alum) keep colour element inside hair and tighten hair cuticle. It makes colour last longer by doing it right after colouring. It’s good care when you dye your hair at salon.

You can use it at home. New routine for beautiful colouring hair

You can use “CRONNA Cleansing Spa Shampoo Sumi” at home.

How to use

  • Once a week. (Every use recomended after colouring)
  • Use as much as one tomato for short hair, as two tomatos for long hair
  • Blend form with hair, wash gently and massage your scalp
  • wait few minutes before rinsing

For meticulous care for coloured hair, please use it every day for 7 – 10 days. Salon colour is special for each customer, you can enjoy more by caring at home!

Usually, once a week, you can use it instead of a shampoo you use everyday. It’s easy way for scalp care. if you do nothing for scalp care, it is highly recommended way of caring scalp! It’s good for guys as well.

It’s a “new habit for scalp care”.

Enjoy relaxing time with nice fragrance inspired by charcoal!

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