What is the best timing to color?

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 I’m Aya, a stylist.

 How often do you color?

 There may be cultural differences, but I think that many people living in Singapore are separated.

 The best timing to keep the color beautiful is one and a half to two months (retouch width about 2 cm)!

 If it grows for more than 3 months (retouch width 3 cm), some parts will be difficult to dye, and if it is light gray hair dyeing, it will be difficult to maintain the brightness.

 In addition, Singapore has strong ultraviolet rays and many people enter the pool, so the fading of the hair tips progresses quickly, so the color changes after 3 months.  And above all, the stretched state is not beautiful.  ..  ..

 If you have dark gray hair dyed, you will be interested in it in about 2 weeks, so in that case, I think that only touch-up is good.

 ~ Hair with history ~

 Even if it is not visible, the color and the history of straightening hair are always left in the hair, so the tone and color will be greatly increased with each treatment.

 We do not recommend changing it.

 If you change the tone every time, everything will remain in the history, creating a complicated state.  Therefore, it is one of the designs to make use of that history to color, but you need to be careful about things that easily resonate afterwards, such as black dyeing.

 By the way, highlights and low lights will continue to remain.

 It’s possible to add color to the highlights once you’ve added them, but it’s very difficult to completely flatten the fine highlights and bass tones.

 Also, the bleached part of the hair is in a different condition, so even if you add color, it will become brighter immediately, so I think it is necessary to add it two or three times in a row.

 However, conversely, it will remain for a while, so you can enjoy it for a long time ♪

 Probably it is the time when it is necessary to cut at the same timing as the short one.

 If you are medium to long, we accept reservations for color only, even if you do not need to cut, so please come visit us.

 see you~

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