What to do with the next color after highlighting

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This is Aya. Today, I’m often asked what the color will look like after highlighting, so I’d like to answer.

 Highlight the whole thing like this. This time, I added it so that the highlights can be seen evenly throughout. The degree of bleaching at this time leads to a change in color after finishing and fading.

 And on-color. Once the whole color was added, it was beautifully finished!

 one month later…

The color faded like that. You can see the highlights of the last time beautifully. So today I only retouched it.

 The highlights you put in once will remain.  So, depending on the color cycle, I will make use of it after adding highlights.  Whether to grow only by retouching, or by layering colors on the whole. If you want more brightness, add highlights again. However, it is very difficult to retouch the exact same place if you add fine highlights.  Normally, if you add more highlights, the tips of the hair will become brighter and create a splendid gradation.  That’s why color grows.
 It depends on the design you want to do, but I think it’s best to highlight it about once every 3 to 4 months. It is also good to apply foil color once every three months and enjoy the design change ♪ 

see you!

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