Why should I straighten my hair in Singapore?


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 There are no other salons that have focused on rebonding and straightening hair in Orchard, Somerset neighborhood, in Singapore beauty salon.

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 Why should I straighten my hair in Singapore?

 It’s a big title, but I really think so.

 Why is that?

 It is in the climate of the country of Singapore.

 It’s hot every day, isn’t it?


 Sweat and swell hair.

 Still, the humidity is really high.


 My hair swelled and bounced before I knew it, even though it should have dried cleanly.

 Ultraviolet rays are also poured evenly.


 Hair ends become untidy due to damage caused by sunlight.

 Singapore’s climate is truly a natural enemy for hair.

 The solution is to straighten your hair.

 This person


 The color of the hair tips, the damage of ultraviolet rays, and the swelling of the roots will cause it to be organized


 Hair straightening was applied while rounding the hair so that the tips would not easily bounce.

 This person


 I’m worried about the swelling of my bangs, so I only treat my bangs


 The impression changes just by getting the bangs right!

 It’s okay to sweat with this!

 This person


 As a result of applying a perm at another salon, it will be applied too strongly and spread, so please do something about it!  When


 Instead of straightening the hair on the whole, I designed it considering the part that leaves the volume and perm.

 My hair straightening is not only for the whole, but also for some parts, I design it according to the customer’s request.

 If you have any problems with swelling of hair or daily care, please contact us.

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