With and without bleaching

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Have you ever been worried about whether or not to use bleach for highlights this time?

 I would like to introduce how the finish is different with and without bleach.

 First of all, if you did not use bleach.

 Naturally, the contrast is weak because the power to break the melanin pigment is weak.

 It’s a pretty natural impression.

 And here is when using bleach.

 By the way, since it is left unplugged, the original color of melanin can be seen.

 The contrast is strong and the highlights stand out.

 In this case, the movement of the hair will be more clearly visible.

 This time, it was a comparison of how to make a difference with and without bleaching, but based on each customer’s wishes, we adjust the bleaching power such as mixing a little bleaching and perform the treatment. increase.

 Why don’t you enjoy various designs?

 see you~

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