For women who suffer from thinning hair. 4 reason and improvement measures.

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Recently there seems to be an increasing number of women who are worried about thinning hair and balding young. The cause of blading young is said to be hormonal imbalance disturbance. There are female and male hormones in women, and male hormones increase if the hormone balance is disturbed. As male hormones increase, they become thinner. Today I will write four features and counter measures that disrupt balance.

Reason 1 : Stress

Stress has negative effect on female hormones. I feel stress not only disgust but also in joy and surprise. Try to avoid stress as much as possible.

How to relieve stress is not yet elucidated anyway, take a rest and live a regular life.

Reason 2: UV

The amount of UV light in Singapore is second in the world. (Australia has the strongest UV rays in the world ) Aging of the skin and scalp is greatly related to photo aging by ultraviolet rays. Photo aging causes the scalp to harden and poor circulation. When the scalp becomes poorly circulated, new hair grows thin and dry and over time, hair loss occur.

To improve, wear a hat outside. Use hair UV spray and it’s important that you don’t fall outside during the day.

Reason 3: Disorder of eating habits

Disturbances in eating habits can disrupt hormone balance. It’s not easy to eat vegetables in Singapore. If you consume a lot of salt, lipids and additives, the scalp will have more fat and poor circulation. Then the hair becomes thin hair.

To improve, we recommend that you reduce the amount of meals you eat a little and drink vegetable juice or supplements.

Reason 4: Someone who is doing color by self

Coloring agents that can make hair dyes in various places are now on sale. When you are busy, you can easily dye your hair. However, there are many people who do not know how easy it is for anyone to dye their hair because it puts a burden on their hair and scalp. Commercially available color preparations are set with a strong dyeing power so that anyone can dye their hair and it takes time to dye your hair yourself. And it’s fast time to wash your hair yourself. As a result, the hair is damaged by the long-lasting color and the scalp is not washed well, color agent remains in the pores and makes the hair thinner.

As a measure to improve, it is advisable to color in the hair salon. Unlike when you dye your own hair, Hair salon get their hair dyed faster and wash their shampoo well over time. The shampoo is also an amino shampoo that is gentle to the hair and scalp. If you really can’t go to the hair salon and dye your hair at home, use your finger belly to wash gently. Use amino shampoo if possible.

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